Mind detox therapy

Mind Detox works on healing the potential mind-based causes of physical, emotional and life problems. Put simply, if something negative is happening to your body or in your life and you don’t know why, then Mind Detox can help find out what the cause is and resolve it once and for all. It offers a way of reducing your levels of stress by changing the beliefs that are working quietly behind the scenes causing you to feel stressed about the things that happen in your life.

People from around the world have seen skin conditions clear up, chronic pain vanish and digestive disorders disappear, to name a few self-healing success stories, along with improved levels of wealth and well-being. Potential benefits include:
• Letting go of negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt or grief relating to people, places, events or things in your past, present and future.
• Change limiting beliefs that are blocking your life enjoyment and success.
• Overcome uncontrollable habits, behaviours and addictions. Resolve the emotions that may be negatively impacting your habits and behaviours.
• Increase your energy levels and feel more alive.
• Enjoy more inner peace, confidence and contentment, and much more!
Please note: No medical claims are ever made in relation to Mind Detox and you should always seek advice from train medical practitioners if you are experience physical or mental conditions.

Mind Detox Method works to resolve the hidden “unconscious” causes. Tune into your mind for a moment by noticing your thoughts. The ones you can ‘hear’ exist in what’s called your conscious mind. However, there is also a level of your mind that operates below the surface of consciousness. Your unconscious mind performs many remarkable tasks without you having to be aware of any of it happening, including storing your memories, healing your body, creating your emotions and driving your habits and behaviours.


Mind detox therapy is charged at £75 per session or £275 for 4 sessions.